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Ceramic Productionserver

Combining accurate color management and ultra-fast measuring technology: With ColorGATE you enjoy maximum efficiency from creative design to the finished ceramic product!

ColorGATE's Ceramic Productionserver is a print data management system that covers the entire production chain. Your designers will be able to work with the actual color and surface impression of the end product. Designs and color data are precisely retained throughout the entire production process and printed on digital production systems with up to eight color channels.

ColorGATE's fingerprint technology creates a digital twin of a physically produced design that contains not only the print data, but also the absolute color readings of the end product. The digital twin serves as an archive file and reference for later reproductions, even at other production sites.

You can carry out the necessary color measurement processes extremely quickly and precisely in combination with ColorGATE's unique measurement techniques.

This provides you with a complete workflow and color management system for the production of ceramic coating materials.

User Success Story - Cross-location working with Rapid Measure Technology

ColorGATE delivers innovative workflow and color management solutions for digital ceramic printing across the entire production chain.

Together with Deutsche Steinzeug Cremer & Breuer AG, one of the leading suppliers of ceramic covering materials, we provide you with a unique insight into the advantages of our products in digital tile production. Watch our user success story with Deutsche Steinzeug.

Application Areas

With ColorGATE's CPS You Can Print on a Variety of Materials - Quickly and Accurately!

  • Floor tiles and wall tiles
  • Clinker and roof tiles
  • Dishes and tableware
  • Ceramic pots and tubes 
  • Sanitary



Key Features

Your Solution for the Challenges of Digital Ceramic Printing!

Various materials, different printing systems and complex manufacturing processes... 

ColorGATE's Ceramic Productionserver is the perfect solution for your requirements.

Application-oriented. Fast. Easy to use.

We provide: 

  • Maximum color consistency and therefore less waste
  • Different color sets and/or glazes without color differences
  • Transfer of know-how 
  • Technical care and assistance by expert support

Technical Highlights:

  • Supports all ceramic printing systems with up to 8 colors
  • Processing of all common file formats as well as multichannel data 
  • Special designed linearization and profiling tools
  • Ink Saver technology: cost optimization and increased process stability
  • RGB and CMYK working space profiles for convenient retouching using Adobe Photoshop
  • Color correct preview of multichannel data
  • Automatic color management - even across different production lines

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Matching Modules

Tailor-Made Solutions for Your Requirements!

With a variety of modules, our software can be exactly adapted to your needs. Here are some modules that fit perfectly with Ceramic Productionserver:

Fingerprint Module (FPRM) 

Color consistent re-runs and decentralized production with a “digital color twin” 

  • Exact color characterization
  • Archival of production data
  • Exact reproduction at any time
  • No - or significantly reduced - iterations

More Information

Ink Saver 

Less Ink – Same Quality

  • Save 10 – 15% ink costs on average
  • No visual losses in quality
  • Stabilization of printing process
  • Reliable color impression under changing lighting conditions
  • Improved grey balance
  • Shorter drying times

Tiles printed with and without Ink Saver:

No visible difference - 10 % of ink saved with Ink Saver!

More about Ink Saver: here

Retouch Module (RTM)

  • Retouching of print files in image editing software such as Adobe Photoshop
  • Color representative view of multichannel data
  • Supports multicolor printing systems with up to eight color channels
  • Perfectly compatible with ColorGATE’s patented Fingerprint technology

Multichannel file without ColorGATE's retouch profile (left), and the retouch file (right).
With the retouch file you can work on a representative file and easily edit your print data!

More Information about the Retouch Module.

Proof Standard Digital Module

Simulate your ceramic printer to get accurate proofs on paper!

  • Digital proofing according to the current ISO Standard 12647-7 and the reference values based on FOGRA 39 guidelines
  • Supports all internationally established file formats

More about Proof Standard Digital Module

You can find all available modules here.

Measurement Technolgies

  • Various substrates
  • Patches from 1 mm
  • Measurement within seconds and only a few minutes to the final scan!
  • Scan of all surface properties

In combination with ColorGATE's Ceramic Productionserver you get a unique solution for the digital decoration of ceramics. Optimize your entire production chain with ColorGATE!

Color Measurement and Profiling

Rapid Spectro Cube (RSC)

The complete color management solution for ultra-fast color measurement and ICC profiling for industrial digital printing applications. 

High-quality ICC profiles can be created reliably and quickly with the RSC even from the smallest objects (patches from 1 mm). 

With ColorGATE's Ceramic Productionserver you can directly edit your scans.

  • Ultrafast color measuring system
  • ICC profiling software
  • Portable and stationary version - adjust the RSC to your application area

Create New Surface Products!

3D Surface Director

With the 3D Surface Director you do not only measure color, you digitize the entire appearance of an object. Color, glossiness and structure are captured and merged to a 3D scan.

You want to digitize existing designs? Or design completely new tiles with creative structures? Simulate the gloss properties, e.g. of natural stones, on your ceramic products? With the 3D Surface Director there are no limits to your creativity!

You can proof your designs in the correct color on paper or - in combination with a 3D printer - print them out immediately. Test new designs on site!

Metis Systems srl supplies a first-class surface scanner:

  • SURF 3D scanner with up to 450 dpi resolution and maximum depth of field
  • 8 independently controllable light sources
  • Only 30 seconds recording time

Find out more about 3D Surface Director here.

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More information about Ceramic Tile Decoration can be found in our interactive PDF file.

Productionserver Lab Edition

Productionserver Lab Edition

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