New in Version 10

HP Latex Media Management

HP Latex Media Management offers the following functions for time saving as well as cost effective processes:

  • Direct access from Productionserver to the HP Latex Media Solutions database with a wide selection of ready-made substrate presets (*.oms files, i.e, media incl. print mode settings)
  • Fast selection of the preferred substrate preset due to a well presented overview of all available files and by a convenient sorting and filter function
  • Download of the preferred substrate presets onto one or several printers and/or onto a PC for backup as well as for the creation of a corresponding MIM – all with just one mouse click in a fully automated process
  • Simple editing of all available media and print modes directly at the printer
  • Automatic creation of MIM combinations even from substrate presets already existing on the printer
  • Routine validation of the Printer Status Monitor display in order to check if a corresponding MIM is available for the inserted media or to start an automatic creation of a suitable MIM if necessary