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Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition

The Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition software  is dedicated to manufacturers and developers of industrial digital printing systems for all application areas. The Industrial Productionserver Lab Edition includes all required functions to process all common graphic file formats into optimal print data for arbitrary device configurations in high quality and performance.

Alongside with the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) as leading rendering engine for PDF documents all typical layout tools as well as color management modules for ICC- profiling and color standardization and optimization are contained. Extensive tools for spot color handling and an industry-standard compliant JDF interface is part of the product configuration.

Productionserver and APPE

The Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE) is currently the fastest, highest-quality rendering platform for surprise-free interpretation of demanding graphics products.

The most current integrated version 4 of APPE shares the same core technologies used in Adobe´s  Creative Cloud applications and has been updated and optimized for them.

As a result, the combination of Productionserver and APPE delivers consistent graphics data in highest quality and high speed to the printing system.

Today´s creation process of professional graphical documents is dominated by image editing, layout and document management applications of Adobe. Often this process results in complex graphics documents with partially variable image, text and vector elements that may feature transparencies or overprints and thereunto contains different color models and may contain image effect filters.

To transform such complex design into accurate print data, whose pixel information per printing color channel reproduces content- and color-wise exactly the output intent of the originator, is the core task of a RIP-solution.

As design and creation trends continuously change also the applied programs are steadily adapting to the variation and produce ever-growing new documents for output with new challenges to their correct interpretation.

Since many years ColorGATE consequently partners with the market leader Adobe and its competence in reliable interpretation of PDF documents.

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  •     Dedicated to manufacturers and developers
  •     Includes Adobe PDF Print Engine
  •     Industrial Inkjet Lab driver for accurate print data generation
  •     Ink Saver Option for automatic ink reduction

In addition to APPE, ColorGATE has integrated the self-developed raster engine, responsible for the processing of bitmap formats, into the Productionserver platform, so that for all application scenarios the maximum performance is achieved. This has been realized through consistent parallelization of all processing steps. Several RIP processes can share the processing of a job. Individual pages of multipage jobs are ripped simultaneously and multiple jobs can be processed in parallel. The license model allows the sizing and scaling of the output power to meet any requirements or the distribution of job scopes on multiple host computers.  

A further performance focus are the extensive color management functions.
Industrial PS10 Lab Edition also exhibits excellent Color Management for consistent color reproduction, proof functions as well as the generic industrial inkjet driver to support all industrial printing systems and applications.
All typical layout tools as well as color management modules for ICC- profiling and color standardization and optimization are contained. Extensive tools for spot color handling and an industry-standard compliant JDF interface is part of the product configuration.
The Profiler Suite includes powerful profiling modules for creating high quality ICC profiles for characterization of printing systems with conventional process color configurations in CMYK or support for gamut extending inks such as red, green, blue, orange or violet. For the best possible representation of spot colors, the software provides automatic and measurement device-supporting replacement functions with color difference prediction and the Color Atlas for visual assessment of desired spot color compositions. Modules for standard-compliant printing and fast profile adjustment to color compensate deviating substrate coloration complete the feature set.  

The included Industrial Inkjet Lab printer driver can be configured to produce print data (1-bit or multilevel) for virtually all possible ink configurations and resolutions in common file formats. The integrated Profiler Suite (PFS) enables the production of color-accurate printing data with Productionserver from all usual graphics documents.
Industrial PS Lab Edition also delivers all the functions required to check industrial printing systems early in the development process with respect to printing quality and color accuracy in a test procedure, taking different ink configurations into account, in particular. Faulty prepress or printing data preparation as causes for quality problems can be eliminated early through the use of the Industrial PS Lab Edition, thus effectively reducing often time-consuming and expensive error diagnostics.

Other features and advantages

  • Based on Windows, the world’s leading computer platform, thus making it future-proof and easy to implement
  • Prepared for use in combination with industrial printing control software, such as SmartControl IP OS
  • Special software adaptation to industrial applications, such as flight time compensation for printing on bottles or cans as well as support of any combination of spot colors
  • Easy, convenient integration of variable data (e.g. QR codes) via the VDP Creator
  • Direct connection to web shops and secure data import (PDF)
  • Individual development services for industrial printing systems

Individual development services for industrial printing systems

In addition to the generic industrial inkjet driver, ColorGATE also offers system and application-specific development services for industrial printing systems. This includes the development of individual printer drivers for the printing system concerned to take optimum advantage of the corresponding system specifications. Expanded functions relevant to the application can also be integrated into the driver.

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