RIP Software

ColorGATE RIP software solutions include a variety of functions for different applications. Regardless of the production technology, the material that is printed on and the size of the production environment, ColorGATE offers appropriate RIP software solutions for every requirement - comprising products from the Generalists Productionserver family or the Specialists Filmgate, Plategate and Proofgate.


The most flexible RIP Software

Worldwide leading RIP software for chemical-free film production

Digital proofing in compliance with international color standards

RIP Software extensions

The name RIP Software Extensions is used as a generic term for all extensions. RIP Software Extensions contain a variety of perfectly matched functions and modules and expand the capabilities of the RIP software in the areas of output management, job management, color management and workflow management for different application areas. Some modules/ functions are already included into the different RIP software products and other solutions need to be purchased separately.

Output Management
Output Management Extensions allow an optimal configuration for any production environment and printer number. This extension category contains all output-device-related RIP Software Extensions.

Color Management
Color Management Extensions simplify and improve color management, color and spot color replacement and ensure a consistence and reproducibility at any time color.

Job Management
Job Management Extensions allow a quick and easy processing of print jobs: Optimized print job processing, splitting of large print jobs, quick production and processing of 1-Bit TIFF files, to avoid procedural errors, etc.

Workflow Management
Workflow Management Extensions simplify production workflows or provide a transparent overview of the costs for print jobs.

Supported devices

Supported Devices

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