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SmartControl - Industrial Printing Operating System

The SmartControl Industrial Printing Operating System (IP OS) comprises the control center of your printing system. The control of all the components, starting with the print heads, to the controllers, and right on up to the transport systems, is intelligent and easy with the SmartControl IP OS.

ColorGATE brings with SmartControl its RIP Software and Color Management know-how to the industrial printing production, by facilitating a connection between an industrial inkjet printer and a RIP Sofware like Productionserver. This is benefical for various Industrial Printing application.

The most important features of the SmartControl IP OS include:

Comprehensive control software for all the important components of the printing system, e.g.

SmartControl can be installed on any current Windows PC or server, which means that the hardware can also be optimized and configured to suit the application. As a result, the purchasing and maintenance costs are optimized for the actual applications.

SmartControl Server

SmartControl is a client-server-based industrial printing solution, which can be adapted to different production environments and printing processes. The SmartControl Server takes on the task of preparing and distributing the high-performance printing data within the digital printing system and delivers them via corresponding print head controllers to the individual print heads. The scalable architecture supports an economical multipass as well as a high-speed single-pass design.

The SmartControl Server is an independent application that can be operated in master-slave mode distributed over several different print servers to enable the implementation of extremely high-powered, complex printing systems.

In addition, the SmartControl Server provides interfaces to machine control systems (PLC) to synchronize the feed rate and control of such supporting systems as heating and drying.

Other advantages:

  • Suitable for any multi- or single-pass architecture
  • In principle, the scalable master-slave architecture knows no limits as to the number of print heads that can be controlled
  • Support for a wide range of different print head manufacturers: Fujifilm Dimatix, Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Ricoh as well as for all controllers made by leading manufacturers
  • Stand-alone use is possible, even independently of SmartControl Touch, for completely automated use or in combination with an individual frontend connection
  • Optimum supply, synchronization of the print heads with printing data from the RIP Software, e.g. through the seamless integration of the Productionserver or the connection of third-party solution

SmartControl Touch

SmartControl Touch provides a flexible machine frontend, which can be individually customized for the area of application.

With SmartControl Touch, individual human-machine interfaces (HMI) are realized, which as a rule are controlled by the system operator using a touchscreen and provide all the application-relevant functions.

Other advantages:

  • Secure communication between the SmartControl Server and SmartControl Touch via TCP/IP
  • Display of all relevant information and control options on the user interface

    • Information: Ink levels, maintenance intervals for the printing system, print preview, etc.
    • Control options: Stopping the transport system, activating the heating and drying systems, and much more

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Value Packs